We're excited for the 4th
Election 2016: Get outfitted!
Let the games begin!
We have been having some fun lately with Google Trends.
Maybe we were hungry...
What if all of your March Madness selections were based on color?
This is a nice project we did for SFMOMA...just in time for the election.
Inspired by an interview with Senator John Glenn on NPR, we looked at the history of space travel.
NYC vs BLYN park smackdown.
Our way of dealing with the most recent heatwave...
All the talk recently of everyone's net worth made us want to create a visualization showing the value of all the Republican presidential candidates.
Not that we believe in this stuff or anything...
Because you always wanted to know...
When we read about poor Sludgie, it inspired this set of illustrations showing selected members of NYC's urban menagerie. Tom is available for pet portraiture, for a small fee.
Happy Autumn!
What do Justin Timberlake, Charlie Sheen, and Catwoman have in common? They all want to be just like us. Here's an unofficial guide to graphic designers in movies...
As the weather warms up, we created this guide to help navigate NYC's farmers markets.
Ever wonder where to get a ginormous likeness of yourself that won't break the bank? Look no farther than North Korea. Maybe more commissions will distract them from their nuclear strategy.
Just like everywhere else in NYC, it's Lin-sanity here at MGMT.
When Alicia couldn't buy a rice cooker in New Jersey on Sunday, another infographic idea was born...
We love this guy.
Recently, we've been concerned about the reports we're hearing that fewer and fewer people believe in or are concerned about global warming. Obama's recent State of the Union Address seems to prove that it is not part of the general debate.